Service Trip Awesomeness

18 Mar

There has been a college group here and the retreat center from a Marianist University in Texas this week.  I have had the opportunity to go with them the service work they have done the past two days.   It is amazing the things that you learn and experience while doing service work.  I have realized how much I missed the mission trips at SMU (in MN).  There is something about doing good things and manual labor that is replenishing for faith.

Two days ago, we went to the Atlantic City Mission to help prepare and serve a meal for those who live there in the program and those who are transitionals, those who come in just for meals.  The people who worked in the kitchen were those who were in the program.  It was amazing to see the people who go through the food line and hear the stories of those who were helping up prepare food.

Yesterday we went to the state park, the lighthouse.  On the trails we were working to clear branches of varying sizes.  It was good old-fashioned manual labor, minus the chain saw cutting things down and the powered cart to haul all the smaller things.  I only did the packing of the cart and the dragging of huge branches.  We were a good distance into the trail, so we had a good distance to drag things.  My feet surely hurt real bad by the end; I am not used to all that standing on my feet!  It was good then.

So how does this replenish my faith?  Solidarity with people at the mission and working in God’s creation at the park, it was all a good feeling of doing things for the greater good.  I love how I feel after helping others out.  Maybe this is part of that wanting to do so much more.  Being outside yesterday is also right up my alley of amazing things I love and it is a huge part of me.  I find God outside when I am wandering around and such.  Amazing, huh?

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