A Very Powerful Skit

14 Mar

The following video is widely known as “Lifehouse’s Everything Skit.”  It may stir emotion, it may touch you in an unique way, it may be just interesting, or it may be many other things to you.

Everyone, no matter who you are, seems to able to pull something from this video.  For me, portions of it are stronger felt than others, but there is something about it.  It is also a look into what society can do to people and the lifelong effects it has.  If we turn to Jesus in those times, we will get through.  There are going to be pressures each and everyday of our lives that nag at us.  This is when it seems hardest to give up to Jesus, but when it is most important.

As I have talked about before, there have been some struggles of my own that I have gone through.  Watching this video again gives me a different perspective on how important our faith, prayer life, and relationship with God is.  It also reminds me that we all have the same pressures coming from society.  The big thing is how we deal with it.  If we do deal with it in the wrong way, then we just need to turn back in the right direction and ask for forgiveness.

Oh dear, my mind is wandering to many places tonight.  One last thing in relation to religious life.  When a chance landed right in front of me to apply for formation to possibly become a sister, I was afraid that my past would catch up with me.  The thing is, God wants us as we are if only with give ourselves completely up for Him.  Jesus came to the world so that in the bad choices and dark times, there is someone to turn to.  As I now try to finish up the final parts of my application, I see how important it is that I continue to heal in the arms of Christ and let the Spirit work in me.  It is so vital for my current formation before God-willing entering into formation with the sisters.

This video can stir up many things for many people.  If watch it again, something different may come to mind.

What do you think of this video?

Does this video hold any meaning to you?

What does this say about society?

Anything else?

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One response to “A Very Powerful Skit

  1. Tess

    June 20, 2010 at 9:33 am

    I’ve watched that skit a dozen times and EVERY SINGLE TIME as soon as she drops the gun and tries to run back to Jesus I start bawling my eyes out. It’s SO beautiful! Thankyou God for all your Grace!


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