Guitar in the Rain

13 Mar

What is it about the rain that draws us to so many emotions?  I hear the patter of rain mixed with the guitar and singing.  Putting them together, I find such a great match it my heart.  It leaves me breathless with but a million of feelings filling my soul.  The desire to do more and be more is once again, or still, living in all my being.

Breathless I am for you

Reaching to be more for you

Like the rain that falls to the earth

So too does my heart fall in your love

Time stands in my way it seems

Work with it you tell me

I can do so much with what I have

For you I will use me in all time

Why is it that when we find what we are supposed to do for the Lord, that we start to run and turn away?  It hard and many times the tears want to run through me.  Then I see the rain and know that Jesus feels what I feel, that God is there to guide me.  Even when life seems so lonely and my friends so far away, He is there to comfort me.

Dear friends of mine, so far away

My heart longs to be close to you

When missing you puts me astray

It is to the Lord that I must then go

God gave me my friends to cherish

To Him is owed many a gratitude

So with the rain on my face this I wish

That I persevere with grace-filled fortitude

There is a song in my heart that wants to cry out and be heard.  I long for understanding of what is to come in my life.  Never have I thought that pondering religious life would come my way.  I don’t know what to expect, what trials may come, or what joys that will fill me up.  All I can do it trust.  All I can do is pray.  All I can do is my very best to follow in the footsteps of Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that what I do may be pleasing to God.

Listening to the guitar strum more chords

I sigh a breathless sigh of longing

Praying that my feet stay beneath me

Hoping that I stay on God’s track

Love and be loved one of my mottos

Live in the moment of all time

Take in all there is to take in

Never stray and if you do, come back

I close here with you filled with guitar sounds in the rain that I hear.  Find your place of reflection and just be.  This is as I must do to put myself back on track.  Times will get hard no matter the road God gives you, so persevere with the support of all those around you.  I say that giving support to those who need it from me and asking you for that same passion.  Peace to you.

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One response to “Guitar in the Rain

  1. Edde

    March 16, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Thank you – this is beautiful.


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