Around the Circle or In the Circle?

10 Mar

This is a video I shot when I was bored.  The only volume is the wind blowing, so be aware of how high your volume is set at!  Oh, and there is a point to this.

While at the time, it was out of sheer boredom and exploration that I was biking around the circle holding my camera recording looking through the camera and not so much where I was going, now I am finding something interesting I can pull out of it.  Why take meaning out of entertainment?  Basically because this is what I do.

In trying to figure out where I am at with discernment (yes I do this often, yes there are many outcomes), I find that this video is a decent representation of where I can be many times in the present moment.  I am the biker (literally and figuratively) who is going around the outskirts, but not entering the park.  In the park there are many things.  There is a volleyball court, a basket ball hoop, open space, trees, a path, some benches, some lights, and whatever else you saw there.

God wants to give us so many amazing things.  He has such great plans for us!  Why do we tread the outskirts so afraid to enter into the grace that is waiting for us?  This is what I feel like I am doing.  I have been given this taste of what life could be; I have seen and visited those who are a part of what I could be a part of.  Yet in all the smiles of the beauty that religious life seems to hold, I still find myself going in circles around the possibility.  With so much possibility laying before me, why not test out how it suits me?  The circle is such a beautiful place really.

Think about it, there are many different things, so while being in one particular place, there are many different things you can do.  You can walk the path, play some games, lay in wide open places, create your own in the blank space, sit on a bench, or walk by light.  Same with religious life.  I may be God-willing entering to formation with the Salesians who are focused on the youth.  Within that, I have so many possibilities that could relate to what my passions are!  How great is that!?  Here I am though, riding around the circle afraid to move forward to try what may be where God really wants me in His whole grand plan of things.  What if this is not it?  We can not let ourselves pass by the chance of trying things.  So what if religious life ends up being not for me, at least I will have tried it.

So what are you going to do?  Will you step into God’s circle, His circle that calls for you and makes you smile, as I am praying so hard for the strength to do?  Otherwise, will you just skim around that circle (as much fun as I had) ignoring its possibility and go looking for one that is not meant for you?  Think about it, are you going to go around the circle, or in the circle?

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