Frustrations in Prayer

08 Mar

Why is it that prayer, for me at this time in terms of my discernment, can be frustrating?  I find that when I do get myself to walk the couple yards across the hall, I am unable to keep myself there for very long without crying, or from leaving for that matter.  Deep down, I really would love to strengthen my prayer and spend an hour with Jesus each day.  This could involve silence, music, reading, or anything that involves prayer and spirituality.  I know that we must present ourselves to God, not just the good of ourselves, but absolutely every part of ourselves, complete and total surrender.  Really, it sounds so much easier that it actually is.  Even knowing I have let go many times one of the darkest things in my life to God, as well as received Anointing of the Sick, has not helped feeling like I am not right to be in prayer there with Jesus.  I am trying to move past hard times sticking with me.  Complications I tell you.  Outside influence is not much of help either.  In the end of it all, whatever is dwelling in me, I find frustration when I go to pray.  How do I move past the frustrations that I can not even grasp completely?

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