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Days 1-3

First of all, I am so tired.  If things do not make sense, that is why.

So, my family showed up on Saturday.  We did not kill each other, which is good.  I did feel  of the usual tensions that I usually feel.  We went to eat lunch at Dry Dock, went to Sunset Beach, mom and I did some shopping, we made and ate pizza, and we played scrabble as well as spades.  Nothing too exciting.

Sunday, we went to 11am mass.  Let me tell you, the singing actually makes me miss the adult choir back home.  Strange, huh?  We went back to the house for lunch and to figure out what we were going to do for the day.  Since the we knew this was to be one of our nicer days, we went up the lighthouse and the WWII memorial.  After that we went into town and walked the Washington St. Mall, as well as walking on the beach in town.  Dad wanted to go see the bunker that was by the lighthouse, so we went there and then back to the house to decide dinner.  We went to the lobster house for dinner.  Of course, I had chicken instead, but it was good.  Back at the house, we watched Amazing Race and played cards, then hit the sack.

Monday we slept in some and did not really do much in the morning.  For lunch we went to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and ate very good breakfast food.  After that, it was back to the  house to play Scrabble and many forms of cards.  There was some crabbiness, but we survived the day together in the house.  I got to see Dancing with the Stars, so that made me happy.

Today, there might be a change of plans, or tomorrow there is a change of plans.  I have to figure out what is best for Sister Colleen coming to visit.  It could possibly work for the same time as we planned, but a little different.  We will see what comes!

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Family is About to Arrive

So, my family is coming today.  In just over three hours, actually.   I am sure this visit will be good and everything will go well, but who can not help but be nervous.  They are going to be introduced to the staff here, and hopefully we will get a chance to play some cribbage with Bro. Tom.  Then, of course, there is the meeting on Wednesday with Sr. Colleen.   I am not even sure where the conversation will lead.  That is what is getting me the most nervous.  Faith is something that we never talked about really, and here is is all coming together.  Yikes!  It will be alright, just keep breathing.


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Worn Out And Exhausted

This is what I feel like today

A tired fills my entire body

Worn out and exhausted

Busy work wears me down

Doing nothing tires me out

Thinking about the future

Puts me in a disarray

Peace I do hold somewhere

So laying down spread out

The place I wish to be

So that the tired is awake

The lazy is full of energy

The disarray turns into peace

Complete peace full of smiles

Exhausted I am at the time

I wish to do just at this

What I did in that photo

I cannot even start to tell you the many things can contribute to the exhausted feeling that I have in me.  The crappy weather today, the boredom, the busy work, the focus on many thoughts about religious life, worry of my family coming to visit, and much more in me waiting to burst.  Basically, if I could do what I was doing there, I totally would.  Relax, calm down, let the mind settle, and soak up the sun so that I may be refreshed and do what need to be done in a smiling, peaceful, clear minded way.  Pray, pray fully involved in the prayer.  That would be great to achieve that, I cannot wait.

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The Mind Wanders

God Jesus

Jesus pierced

pierced blood

blood red

red and green

green grass

grass stain

stain glass

glass bowl

bowl of soup

soup special

special education

education bill

bill of rights

right turn

turn around

around the world

world war

war head

head of lettuce

lettuce salad

salad sandwich

sandwich bar

bar hopping

hop scotch

scotch tape

tape cassette

cassette player

play ball

ball game

game boy

boy scout

scout’s honor

honor and glory

glory to God

This is a little example of how the mind is made to wander.  When we start focusing on God and the great marvels He does, we get all excited and feel at peace.  The world today provides us with many distractions, not to mention the devil dancing on our backs.  In the end of it all though, we find ourselves in our hardest and greatest times, needing to lean back on God.  Through it all we need to hold on to our faith.  Yes, there are going to be distractions.  I know this from the way my mind wanders and loses focus of the path I am going to try to tread.  It takes prayer and discernment to shorten, and eventually eliminate, the distractions that keep us from God.

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Lift It Up

This is a video that I find a lot of my friends would “sing” for given where I have been in life.  I find that this is what I would do for my friends just the same.  Here is “Prayer For A Friend” by Casting Crowns (greatest band in the world)

This song is what I hope my friends prayed for me when I was real down.  Sometimes we don’t know what to do to help out our friends, and all we can do is lift our friends to the Lord.  I find myself sitting here still wishing people would do this for me.  There has been a lot of times to reflect and know that I have headed down wrong paths before.  In that I realize that healing takes a long time and lifting myself up as well as my friends is important.  We are our friend as well, not just the others in our life.

Don’t take the world on your shoulders.  You can only bear so much weight before you fall.  When you add on what is going on in your friends’ lives, it can become unbearable.  Lift it all to the Lord, letting go and letting God take hold!  If you can do that, you can go through life happier and following the right path God has for you.


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It’s Twins! Doubt and Faith!

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.  ~Kahlil Gibran

Doubt is to be uncertain, to lack confidence in, or to consider unlikely.

Faith is believing in another person, God, something which has no proof, or having complete trust.

Doubt and faith are twins.  This is something that one does not think of often.  They are complete opposites as we can see looking at the definitions.  Doubt is something that is in my mind quite often, more often than I like to think that it is.  With such big choices and discernment in my lap, accompanied by the healing I working on, who is not to doubt the great things God has planned.  Most of my life I have found myself not worth it and doubt.  Faith has always been a part of my life as well.  While we did not talk about it at home ever, I saw it in going to mass and helping out at church.

Doubt can be considered healthy at times.  It shows that we are seriously considering all sides of a story or possibility.  Now, while we doubt, we must also keep faith that what happens is what is supposed to happen.  God has a plan for us, in this we must have faith.  We can ask the questions, which is the doubt, but we cannot let that consume are being.  There is a balance in doubt and faith that must be achieved.  Never though, in all that, lose sight of God and what he has in store for you specifically.

As  have said many times…all I can do it to keep readying myself for formation (and hopefully finally turning in that application).  You have no idea, unless I talk to you often, the changes in my thoughts and feelings that I go through!  Boredom I tell you, is a dangerous thing.  It is where my doubts run far too wild.  That is when this quote comes in handy.  I need to keep faith right by my side when doubt comes in.  It is all going to work out!

How would you interpret this quote?

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.  ~Kahlil Gibran

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What Do I Know Of Holy

This is Addison Road’s “What Do I Know of Holy.”  I like this version since it has just the lyrics, therefore you are allowed to think of your own images in you mind.

Do we really know what Holy is?

Can Holy even be defined as one specific thing?

God who spoke us into motion could be the only one who shows us this, defines Holy for us all.  When we talk and neglect to just listen to the Lord, we miss out on the Holy things He has for us.  Sure, we can hear all the stories and pass them on to others, but they are only words until we really see You and feel the Holiness you have for us.

Are we listening to God and being open to His Holiness?

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