Sharing Your Treasure

24 Feb

In our discipleship we give of our time, talent, and treasure in various forms and ways.  Here are some of my thoughts on the topic of treasure.

The topic no one wants to ever talk about, sharing treasure.  Some of us have too much of it, some of us comfortable, some of us just getting by, and some of us not even close.  When we have just as much treasure as we need to get by and a little extra to do a few things we want, we are always reluctant to give of the treasure.  There are many different impressions people have of others when it comes to giving money.  These can include as such: someone is giving money because it is easy, that person gave more so they are better, and the list could go on forever I am sure.  In the end it is the reason behind why a person may give money, or treasure as I am referring to here most times.  That is what matters in sharing your treasure;  you need to be giving it with the right heart of mind.

For me, I have been fortunate my entire life to be supported monetarily by my parents for my whole life.  Dad paid for college for me, of course there are the loans I am supposed to be helping on.  When I needed something, I was able to get it.  When I wanted something, if it was in reason I would get some help on it.  I did have a summer job for some summers that helped in paying for things I wanted in the years of college, as I had no time to spend it in the summer while I was working.  One could say I am a bit spoiled that way, I think it to be blessed since I do have three younger siblings.  Even so, what little I did get from work, I had to use for things I thought were important and save for this future of mine.  I already gave to time and talent, why do I have to give my treasure too if I do enough otherwise?  Well, we are called to multiple ways of giving sometimes.  In giving treasure, we do give to ourselves a little, we give to others, and we give to God.

Giving to ourselves seems selfish and way easy, but it is how we give to ourselves that matters.  This is part of making sure we are taken car of so that we can better serve others.  This is not going to the extreme and buying things for ourselves that are not needed what-so-ever.  I found this is going to get a little snack for myself, go out to a movie or dinner with my friends.

Giving to others is something we all want to do, and by default we give money.  That is great for those receiving the money, but why are we doing it?  Is it from guilt?  Is it from passion?  Is it out of force?  It is from your heart?  While no matter the reason on the receiving end, from the giving end we should not be just giving to get a gold star on our resume for heaven.  This is my story of how it is possible for one with not much money to just dwindle away has given to another.  April my junior year of college, I went to a Casting Crowns Concert.  The main singer, Mark Hall, supports World Vision, a program for sponsoring children around the world.  The last concert I had when too, I had thought of doing it, but as a freshman at the time, it seemed not feasible.  Talking with a friend of mine, we decided to share sponsorship, sharing the treasure we would have to share with this little girl.  Along with that, came some level of awareness of what I was spending my money on.  I had to cut down on the extra snacks and things I would get here and there, but it was worth it.  This can only prove that it does not matter who you are, you can give.  Now, with religious life as the surrent goal of my future, I am out to make sure people know they can give and how important it is.  Not sure I am able to keep up with my half of the sponsorship, convincing my family to help carry that load is an important thing to me.

Giving to God, now really, how do we give our money to God?  Doing all that I have described in sharing treasure thus far, and other ways unique to you, with a sincere good spirit and heart is giving to God.  Whatever we do for the least, we do for Him.  When giving in church, give what you can and do not be scared of what others think of you if you put in but a small amount in the offering, you are giving from what you can.  Do not only give from surplus you do not need, but from what you have and be in solidarity.

Sharing your treasure is complicated yet very simple.  Take a look at wha you have gained by treasure and assess what you really need and what you can let go of so that you may provide money for those in need.  Trust it goes to the right place.  Do it with a pure good heart, and it will truly make a difference.  As I am thinking about a future with the Salesians, I can see how giving treasure is something I am still doing, but in a different aspect.  I will not receive money as one woul din regular life, it goes back to the community and to those we serve.  Not being sure if I can continue sponsorship is the big question in my mind.  Is it feasible if I become a Salesian?

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