You Love Me So!

21 Feb

I bring myself back to yesterday while on retreat at the center I work at.  In the afternoon after our free time, we had a reconciliation service, being given the chance to go to confession.  Sure, there are things I knew I could say, but I was not sure how comfortable or ready I was or if I had the words to say.  In the end, I went to confession; thank goodness for me there was another priest, other than the one that I see everyday, hearing confessions.  It was good to have gone and I loved the priest that heard my confession, he had good things to say to help and even a book suggestion to read.  The book is called “Becoming Who We” Are by James Martin.  When I came out and went back to listen to the music and reflect, I started writing a poem and declaration.  This is what came of it.

Over and over again

The same thing I sin

And You love me so

Time again I do run

As far as shines the sun

And You love me so

My mind in evil does stray

Who knows where each day

And You love me so

Satan fights to have me

Going places I shouldn’t be

And You love me so

When I have done wrong

You reach me in song

Because You love me so

Though far I can stray

You tell me it is okay

Because You love me so

When evil enters my mind

The good in me you find

Because You love me so

Though Satan does fight well

I am sent with you to travel

Because You love me so

With You I must be

Where sin doesn’t see

For You love me so

With You I must abide

Running thrown to the side

For You love me so

With You I must think

Evil won’t make me sink

For You love me so

With You I must enter

Satan will not be better

For You love me so

Truly I am loved and I can not allow myself to stray and sin, letting Satan take a hold of me.  The pain I have gone through has been as confusing as ever and it must be conquered however possible.  By other means must I live to fight all that holds me back from what God wants of me in this life.  In preparation to enter into formation for the religious life, I must give everything to the Lord.  He alone can free me and bring me to fully understand the happiness I will find in His plan.  For strength, wisdom, and love I do pray on this journey.

This weekend, as I  have said before, was wonderful for me.  The chance to not work and just be a part of the retreat was exactly what I needed at the moment.  When you live alone, you forget the value of community and just hanging out with people your age who are in some way dealing with something that is similar to you.  I was re-energized by talking to people about my desire to enter into formation (while yes…I still have to finish and turn in the app) with those who asked about my plans for the future.  I also conquer for a brief moment my fear of speaking in front of people about me.  Our presentation last night involved a rotating panel.  Basically, if you wanted to speak, you got up and sat in one of the four chairs in front.  There were four topics that built on each other, timed on each.  I pray that I am able remember the lessons learned this weekend, the good times that were had, and the new friends that I have made.

Fact: On July 16, 1908, the first four missionary Salesian Sisters arrived in New York City. They settled in Paterson, NJ, to begin their ministry with the children of Italian immigrants.

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One response to “You Love Me So!

  1. Hearts offaith

    February 21, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    God’s love is truly amazing isn’t it?


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