A Song that Strikes at the Core

20 Feb

This weekend I am able to be participating in a retreat rather than having to work them.  It is the Young Adult Retreat and the theme is based on Discipleship.  While I do not have much to say now at this point, I wanted to share this song with you.  It is not a part of the retreat but it is very close to what I feel when I am telling people about entering into formation with the Salesians.  Also, I just really love this song.  Have a listen!

Last night I was telling one person in particular about next  year and she was asking me a handful of questions.  I realized once again the smile that crawls across my face as I am sharing this deep part of me.  It is a total reminder to myself that this is really what I need to be trying out next year.  God does amazing things in amazing ways!

Fact: Distinct characteristics of the Salesian spirituality are the three devotions that have been part of their prayers since the beginning.  This is one of them: “Dedication to the Church, seen especially in the person of the Pope. Pope John Paul II, who himself attended a Salesian parish, and his great love for the young, bring to life Don Bosco’s words, “Young people must know you, love them.” “


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2 responses to “A Song that Strikes at the Core

  1. quact

    February 20, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    How can dedication to the church be especially seen in the person of the Pope – should it not be seen in the Lord Jesus Christ, who willingly gave Himself up for his church?

  2. Sr. Colleen Clair, FMA

    February 21, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    According to our Catholic faith, the Holy Father is the Vicar of Christ on earth, so adhering to his teaching assures one’s fidelity to Christ Himself!


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