God is There

19 Feb

Through the sun that shines in from far away

And the birds chirping that do stay

There is God on that glorious day

When the rains fall from the broken shy

When we are not sure those tears will dry

There is God as we are questioning why

In the things that seem ever so small

Like the passing of a little bouncing ball

There is God in the midst of it all

There are those moments we wish to forget

Even though the past has been surely set

There is God with you I am willing to bet

When the joy runs wild and off we go

Our prayer seems to run so dry and slow

God is there calling you back you know

Through the fears that hold us back

Like all our dreams locked in a sack

God is there to give you a courage pack

In the pondering of what is to come

When you feel like you have gone numb

God is there to guide you with a hum

Days do come and leave us really thinking

Whether we are swimming or down sinking

God is there to help us find the linking

When it all comes together out of a messy pile

Then we see where we are supposed to travel

God is there waiting and bearing a great big smile

– Yours Truly

Fact: Distinct characteristics of the Salesian spirituality are the three devotions that have been part of their prayers since the beginning.  This is one of them: “Friendship with Mary under the special title of Help of Christians. As a woman, wife and mother, she understands the inner workings of the our own journey through life, as well as that of the people to whom we minister.”

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