Weekend of Wonders

09 Feb

When I went to bed Friday night, I knew it was coming in all its glory.  Being a Minnesota native in Cape May Point, New Jersey, I was one of few who gladly awaited its coming.   The snow had already started to dust the ground around 4pm, and I knew it was going to be great.  The reports made people frightened.  They talked of power outages, how the grocery stores were becoming bare, and boots along with shovels where exiting the stores faster than one can imagine.  Bedtime came after a viewing of the movie Twister (one of my favorites by the way).  Around that time, the winds start gusting and the storm had arrived at 11pm!  I woke at what must have been early in the morning.  Laying there, I imagined what the ground must look like, but I was too cozy to look  out the window.  Suddenly (dun dun dun!) my phone went off.  It was Sister Colleen and I responded to her, causing myself to look at the phone and see it was 7:15am, crazy time for being able to sleep in.

The next realization was that the power was out and it was going to get gradually colder in my room.  The awesome thing is that I was able to go within a few yards to the house that the Marianist Brothers and Priest live.  There living room and TV room and stove top are gas (yay!).  It was a day to just sit and think.  I spent a lot of time looking out the window at the snow with teh wind gusting it all around.  We play some cribbage, I read, we had a delicious dinner together, and built a fire in the fireplace.  Falling asleep Saturday night on the chair in their living room, I felt a warmth of community and a comfort knowing they would take me in from my cold room!  Staring into the fire I looked into myself and the fire that has been burning in me.  It was a great moment for contemplation.

Sunday, we woke up and had mass at 8:30am in the living room.  It was a very interesting moment.  There are things I miss of mass with friends in a small group like that, but it was still pretty cool.  After breakfast, the real work began.  Shoveling all day.  I shall spare you from all the stories.  I will say that at 3:45 when everyone was done workign for the day, I decided that I was going to dig my car out and head to see the Salesians (FMA).  Let me say this, I had plenty of chances to do it earlier in the day giving me an earlier departure.  Needless to say, grand total of time spent on getting my car out (including the little I did in the morn to get my sunglasses) one and a half hours.  That is what you call darn good Minnesota smarts on how to properly get out a car.

Skipping many things, my visit to the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians was so much needed.  I was actually going crazy not being able to spend some time up there.  The biggest part of my weekend was that within 20 minutes of showing up Sister Collleen had me set up with my interview with Sister Phyllis at 7:30 Monday morning after prayers, mass, and breakfast.  I was not so much worried about the actual interview as I was worried that I was having to have the interview!  It turned out to be awesome and apparently I had the biggest grin on my face.  My visit only proved to be awesome with them.  The sad part was the part when I had to leave.

Other people I love there (I love everyone…but these have stories kind of) are Sister Ramona and Sister Rosalie.  My first visit, I was with Jen (met in bathroom, gave me a medal) and Sister Ramona setting up Christmas decorations.  Sister Ramona is sweet and fun and she always seems to make me smile!  Sister Rosalie is so lovely and I find inspiration in her.  I had the pleasure of walking in from prayer a couple times with Sister Rosalie, as well as helping clean up some things after dinner.  That lady will make me smile always as well!

For continuous readers, my absence was due to the sad weather.  I hope to be posting each day again, if not twice when there is a creative spirit in me.  For those one time readers, I urge you to read into the words I share.  There is much wisdom to be found for different people in one singular creative burst.  Peace!

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