05 Feb

Here you will find a poem that was rattled out of me during my second visit to the sisters.  I was helping Sr. Colleen with some tings on her computer and then had the urge to type out a poem.  This is what came of that.  I was not sure what to call it, so I asked Sr. C to look at it and see what see thinks.  I had a title in mind, but I was not sure if I wanted to call it as such.  After she read it, she said to call it “Vocation.”  Oddly enough, that was what I was thinking about calling it before I even asked.  Thus it was confirmed, that was to be the name.  I now leave you to read a poem entitled “Vocation.”

It is not very quiet in her heart so full
There is this tug, this bit of a pull
Something calling to do a little more
Drawing her to see what is in store
Fear trembles from deep within
She has no idea where to begin
There was a visit to come and see
Leaving her now on bended knee
With all of this she is left to wander
Her friends give her much to ponder
In all the moments of her past
Maybe this is what will forever last

It was exactly what I was feeling at that moment in time.  The visit was after the second weekend in Advent, a Monday to Tuesday visit.  As you may notice, in writing creatively is where I find it easiest to express myself.  Maybe God works through me that way.  It is something I have explored the possibility of.  I hope you find something of yourself in what I write, and remember,  don’t be afraid to comment!

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One response to “Vocation

  1. Eric

    February 5, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    “Something calling to do a little more …” I like this line, the tension of knowing, but not seeing, that there is something more. For me, it was learning that God is here, patiently waiting for me to take that first step. I can identify … thanks for sharing.


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