How in the World?

03 Feb

There are a lot of people in the world who figure out where they are going next in a normal obvious way.  They apply to a place they have known about or heard of, get a response and boom they are in.  They have an “in” to some location that gets them where they want to go with little look at their actual abilities.  They know what the want to do and there are actually options out there.  Whatever have you, they can do it.  Me on the other hand, it goes another way.  It is in the odd unusual ways that I have figured my path in life.  Some of this semi-quick storyline you have heard, the end you have not.

(work with me here…imagine sarcastic, fast paced, funny, yet serious).  So I am trying to pick my school right?  There was no way I was coming to any darn conclusion, takes a friend to be like, dude, you know where you are going!  Now I am at Saint Mary’s with the strange idea that biology was what I am going to studying.  Next thing you know, I am smacked over the head with an F in the first basic course.  I am left with a theology minor that because of having the head of the theology department as my advisor, it has become a Pastoral and Youth Ministry major (PYM).  Sounds good, right? Well…I don’t want to work in a parish setting, and am struggling in classes; I lean towards retreat work.  This is based off my love of TEC.  Let me tell you, resources for volunteers wanting to work in retreat work is limited.  Google saves the day!  Type in “long-term volunteering Catholic retreat house.”  Search for 11 pages, and little did I know that the link I looked at on that page would send me from the midwest to the east.  Needless to say, it was unusual for the volunteer intern to be someone who has never been to the retreat center before.  Next, now that I am out in lovely Jersey missing my Minnesota weather, we go to NCYC.  During the course of that trip, religious life came up three times, but perhaps the second time came unexpected.  I met two aspirants from the Salesian Sisters of Saint John Bosco, formally called Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA), in the bathroom! The bathroom mind you.

Before you know it, I have visited them twice, been visited once by the vocations director, I have an application half filled out, my immediate and extended family know, and my life seems to be following the track of religious life.  As well, here I sit having de ja vu as I type this.  It is a crazy thing, of which I will tell more about when I have more time!

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One response to “How in the World?

  1. jerry

    February 3, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    I remember NCYC – and how excited you were to bring the Sisters over and introduce them and tell about how you met them! Very cool…..


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