Become an FMA…Really God?

03 Feb

I met the Salesian Sisters at NCYC 2009, in the bathroom.  The east provincial house  is in New Jersey.  How is it possible that I could learn about something that could be my future in another odd way, and only three hours from where I am this year?  When the vocation director, Sister Colleen (amazing person I must say), figured out I was from Minnesota and not going home the next weekend for thanksgiving, I was invited/talked into coming to stay at the convent the second half of Thanksgiving break.  That week between NCYC and going to see them was so busy that I had no time to even think about what was going to be going on.  I pulled up at the convent and felt this rush of all of a sudden stopping in my tracks.  Things slowed down and I was filled with questions.  What was I doing here?  How did this happen?  Why was I standing outside a convent hugging the vocation director?  Where did the time go?  When did I let myself decide I was comfortable visiting sisters at a convent?  The funny thing was after I was used to things, I was comfortable being there.  There was still some awkward moments with the sisters, not sure what to say.  They were pretty cool people, though, I must say.

When I got back to the retreat house I live at and work at, I called a friend or two.  I could not stop talking about the sisters and how I might be called to that but could I really do that, then one question and thought after another came pouring out of my mouth.  The person on the other end of the line did not have time to say anything!  It was overwhelming and confusing.  All those things I have talked about in past post about the moments religious life came up; I was going back in time and remembering those things.  Then, at the same time, the what if questions flowed from me as well.  I have not stopped thinking about this and trying to figure it out since NCYC, then that first visit over Thanksgiving the next weekend.  Of course, I should be leaving it all to God and praying that He will show me my path.  Then again, has He been already and I am not paying enough attention and letting Him do His work?

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