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Those Dreadful High School Years

Yes, dreadful is the word I chose.  Maybe not all of it was dreadful, but think about it.  Who ever really wants to relive the years spent in high school after having lived through greater and better things.  Granted, there were a few things that I would say had to be exciting.  There was the thrill of competition in sports, passing notes in class (come on, who didnt?), hanging out in the music wing right up until dinner, interesting school lunches (tray art was fun…), and let us not forget the ever so long hot days of marching band!  Even with all those amazing things, I found myself to be the outsider, the observer, the one who did not want trouble admist all the friends.  My safe places were going camp and my time spent at church, aside from mass.  Volunteering at church did not stop once I was confirmed in tenth grade, but rather it continued on.  I became the main catechist for Religious Education classes, I sang in the church choir (despite the interesting sounds that came out of my mouth), and help out on Sunday nights with the youth group.  It was never made clear to me why I did these things, but I did them anyways.

What really made my faith appear to be more important than I thought was the day when a close friend of my asked me to be her confirmation sponsor.  We had been joking around some about how it would be kind of cool if I was her sponsor, but I never thought I would actually be good to fill the spot.  Could a really good friend really be a sponsor?  As we talked more about the struggles of picking someone, and figuring out who she trusted, less and less people became options.  (I hope I get this story at least party right!)  My friend walked up to me in school one day and said she had talked the whole thing out with her parents and they thought it would be a good idea and would I sponsor her in confirmation.  Well, of course I said yes!  It was my senior year in school, and I had been thinking long and hard about my faith, trying to figure out the importance it had to me.  The journey we continued together was so valuable to both of us.  It showed me again what I had professed myself not long ago.  What a great way to end my years at high school.  What struck me though, was that moving onto college would be much different than I thought.  Let me tell you…if took me a long time to choose where to go.  People waited and waited for me to finally decide…

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The Beginnings

It always interested me.  Who was this Jesus person that made my family go to mass each Sunday?  We got dressed in nice clothes and rushed out the door to make it on time.  I was drawn, though I did not completely see why, to figuring out what made this faith so important to so many people.  Thus in seventh grade, I followed in the footsteps of my dad and started to help teach religious education classes at my parish.  The kids, though annoying at times, held this simple faith that I wanted to help nourish.  Sure, my struggles were still with me, but there was something special in that at seventh grade, I was was willing to give a night to teaching young minds.   I continued as an assistant to a fellow parishioner through the tenth grade.  Thus the beginnings were and have been and are a part of my life.

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