More Than Meets The Eye

29 Jan

Ah yes, the good and the better and the best.  We all see that in from the outside.  Again I have stumbled upon an old poem that shows there are hard times, but yet I find hope in it as well.  It was posted October 4th 2006.  Though the note states that I have found it, so I am taking a gander it was written some time before that.  Lets take a look and explore the mind at that time.

Stuck in static equilibrium

Broken to many pieces

My heart and soul lay lost

With a path so unclear

My ministry thought right

Now I question my faith

Alone I put myself to be

Away from my friends

Watching for a call or e-mail

That hardly ever comes

I sit in contemplating my life

Thinking philosophically

More often confusing me more

My life sits as a mess

Cluttered with things unknown

Part of me not discovered

Unknown to my heart and soul

Lost and broken I will be

Until I stop worrying

About what I can’t find

Now sitting lying to all

Hoping I will make myself

Believe that I am okay

Maybe even possibly think

That someone may care

So, stuck in static equilibrium.  It seems that most my life I have spent life that way.  The fear of being accepted is the root of a lot of the issues that I have ever had.  This was pointed out to me recently by a certain vocation director that makes me smile.  Anyways, being stuck in the middle of the good and the bad.  It sounds as I was in so much pain, yet look again.  I sound like I am searching for that hope, that one place that I could possibly belong in my life.  Searching, for I seemed to not be able to find, whatever that may be; I was lying to make things seem alright.  In there, I claim lying to everyone else, but in reality, lying to myself.

How could I be so ridiculous!  Now looking back, I find it interesting, but I can read old poems and see into the world of a person even I was not sure I knew.  Look at what we come through.  Community is a word that pops into my head.  Why seclude yourself?  Christ did not lock Himself in a room and perform miracles on His own person.  He preached, He shared, He Died in the sight of many, and He rose to be seen by many.  We are meant to share, no matter how painful it may be.  Think about it, back then, everyone knew everything about anything.  As time goes on, and you see more of what I have to share, this common topic of importance of community will pop up again.  It is so vital.  This community I gained from school was a priceless one, is a priceless one to hold and keep.  Stay tuned for more!

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