Words For Thought

28 Jan

I was traveling through some old journals, and came across this post of mine.  The post date was February 1st, 2006.  I look at it now, and it relates so much to what I have been thinking about.  Four years time difference, and it could be read as having been written only today.  Take a glance, reflect, and see what you think about.  I find it thought-provoking.  🙂

Sometimes life calls for you to take one step back and let out a sigh.  Say a prayer and think about all you have and how much more than that you have to give.  Don’t be afraid to step out of a comfort zone and let go.  Let go of all the negative thoughts.  Let go of your talents and use them, not hiding them in a box in the back of a closet buried under your fears.  Think about it, you were given certain abilities, skills, and much more that can be used to help out others in so many different ways.  Don’t hide you talents and all you have, what is the point of that?  Look around you, take in your surroundings.  Are you using all of what you have in front of you, working with what you are given?  Take those things, make something, and mold a life worth something, as everyone is capable of doing.  Where are you going in your life, is it bringing you towards something worth smiling about?  If it is not bringing you where you can stand to be alive each day, maybe you need to go somewhere else.  Take another sigh, your life is worth so much.  You may see people going to help disaster victims, or going to third world countries to help those in poverty, but that may not your way.  Don’t be disappointed in that, there are many other ways you can serve the world and maybe just the people in your community.  Go ahead, take another sigh, and return to reality.  See all your life ahead of you and do with it as you will while making sure to keep in mind who gave it to you and who out there needs your help.  Last of all, be your true self, no one else is qualified.


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2 responses to “Words For Thought

  1. jerry

    January 29, 2010 at 1:48 am

    so does this mean that next summer you’ll be ready to work on adult team and give one of the meditations?!? hmmmm…

    • faithbeyondwords

      January 29, 2010 at 8:22 am

      uh…can we say panic attack!? writing is one thing, but referring a little more specifically to my life, and then standing if front of people and talking…I don’t know.


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